sábado, 15 de outubro de 2016

Kazantzakis e o Minotauro

It is difficult to see in this mystery play [Thésée] any hint of the recent European past. Indeed, Kazantzakis explicitly stated that he was striving, by hard work, "to forget the pain of Greece... When will this martyrdom be over?" The play reminds us, rather, of the mythic power underlying early Greek drama and the moment of anagnorisis when mortal man recognises the divinity within himself and his own responsability for his mortality. Instead of a comment on Europe's past, it is a summons to a new future. As Kazantzakis remarked in that same letter, Minos represents "the last fruit of a great civilization" and Theseus "the first flower of a new civilization." In his autobiographical Report to Greco written late in his life he spoke of "the age-old battle between man and bull (whom today we term God).

Theodore Ziolkowski, Minos and the Moderns

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